The best way to serve both the forest resource and our clients is through small, one-on-one interactions to lay a foundation of trust with the landowner that carries over the life of a forest stand. We provide forest management services to conservation authorities, local governments, land trusts, woodlot owners, and primary and secondary forest producers. We are committed to a win-win outcome: everyone feeling good about the interaction and good about the future of their forest.

FSmith Consulting Services

Forest Planning
Forest Plans / MFTIP

We develop forest management plans including Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program, and provide related services.

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Forest Coaching
“Forest Coaching”

We offer forest coaching involving a walk-through your woods to answer questions you have.

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Butternut Health Assessment

We conduct assessments and provide the necessary written documentation for the Ontario BHA program.

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tree marking
Tree Marking

Sustainable harvesting involves taking some trees while leaving others to continue and improve the stand. Tree marking is the process of choosing which trees to take, but most importantly which ones to leave behind.

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We plan and oversee harvesting activities when necessary, ensuring we leave the client with forests better than we found them. Take the worst first, and leave the best to produce more just like them.

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Invasive Species

Our expertise, equipment, and experience will provide efficient and effective consulting or control measures to keep your woodlot healthy and thriving.

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Extension Services, Overview

Extension foresters are those professional foresters who work directly with the public on a wide range of forest management subjects. They are an indispensable resource for forest owners and can provide the sort of unbiased and informed opinion that leads to sound management decisions.

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Professional Expertise

With a breadth of operational forestry and government experience, Fraser Smith of F Smith Consulting is called upon for a range of different opinions, reports, testimony, and expertise. Qualifications include:

  • Registered Professional Forester (RPF)
  • Certified Ontario Tree Marker
  • Managed Forest Plan Approver (MFPA)
  • Licensed Ontario Pesticide Applicator
  • Butternut Health Assessor (BHA)
  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Lead Auditor
  • Fully Insured for Private Land Forestry
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We're always happy to discuss forest management and our services. To learn more about what we do, or if we could help you with a project, get in touch. If we cannot help you directly, we are more than happy to provide referrals to other excellent colleagues in the field of sustainable forest management.

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