Extension Services

Extension foresters are those professional foresters who work directly with the public on a wide range of forest management subjects. They are practitioners with a wide-ranging skill set: from planting and tending, to invasive species management, to harvesting, to programs and resources available to the landowner. Extension foresters are those foresters who will walk the property with you, then sit down over the dinner table and discuss options for how to proceed. They are an indispensable resource for forest owners and can provide the sort of unbiased and informed opinion that leads to sound management decisions.

Prior to a huge shift in the late 1990’s, foresters were available across southern and central Ontario to assist landowners with their stewardship and forest management objectives. Unfortunately, the flagship program was cancelled leaving many woodlot owners without access to expert advice and resources. In the interim, forest consultation services, such as F Smith Consulting, have taken up the call to provide these services to landowners who have a commitment to sound, reasoned land management over the long-term.

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