Forest Coaching

Ever wanted to see your property through the eyes of a forester? Ever had a set of questions that come to mind when working in or walking through your wooded property that you wish there was something better than google to answer?

F Smith Consulting provides “Forest Coaching” as a means to provide the bare-bones consulting service directly to landowners. A Forest Coaching session usually involves a half or full day walk of the property, sometimes with family or friends, where those nagging questions can be addressed. Topics may run the gamut from “should I think of harvesting this compartment?” to “what is this beetle/shrub/plant that is taking over?” to “what type of programs and services exist for my plans for this land?”. The report provided in a Forest Coaching session is usually a verbal one, but there is always some email follow-up and extra resources provided based on the needs of the landowner and the land

woods walk