At F Smith Consulting we are passionate about sustainable forest management and work with the landowner to facilitate harvest activities that improve the health of the stand. We provide this while balancing the ecological, economic, and social benefits for the landowner. We strictly obey “the campsite rule” leaving forests better than we found them by increasing diversity, removing sick and declining stems, and setting the course for a more healthy and robust forest in the face of climate change and other threats. Logging generally has a negative connotation in the popular mindset, but we pride our self on showing how, when practiced sustainably with the stand health and the landowner in mind, forest management can be a rewarding and fulfilling process repeated across generations of landowners.

When practiced sustainably, growing and managing forests is good for the environment providing clean air, clean water, wildlife habitat, carbon storage, and spiritual respite. Working forests provide jobs and support communities for millions of people. Wood is a natural, renewable resource that, much like food, can be produced either sustainably or destructively.

F Smith Consulting provides expertise and insured services in the oversight and management of harvesting activities on private lands. We work with a select list of loggers that have shown their work to be clean, efficient, and of a high quality that exceeds expectations.